4kW of Solar PV

4kW of Solar PV

Property Survey

After your initial enquiry regarding Free Solar, we will do a digital survey checking your orientation and then visit your site to complete a full Site Appraisal.

Lease Agreement

If the Site Appraisal is favourable for Free Solar, we will explain in detail how you will benefit from Free Solar and provide an approximate savings breakdown. We will also explain the lease and provide you with a copy for the installation of the Solar PV array. A 20-year (plus 6 months) Air Space Lease Tenancy Agreement is required over the roof or area occupied by the panels.

Planning Requirements

Recent changes to Planning legislation, mean that most domestic and commercial properties will not require a Planning Application for Free Solar in Northern Ireland if installed on a roof, except for listed buildings.

Consent from Lender

If you have a mortgage, secured loan or a business overdraft secured against the house or business the lender must be informed and consent to our Lease Agreement. Most mortgage lenders consent to our Free Solar Lease including Alliance & Leicester, Abbey National, Santander, Bank of Ireland, Yorkshire Building Society, Swift Finance plc, Mortgage plc, Accord Mortgages, HSBC, Leeds Building Society and Paratus AMC. It should be noted however that Halifax, First Trust, Progressive, Ulster Bank, & Danske are not currently consenting to a Free Solar Lease. We continue to work with all mortgage lenders to educate them on the benefits for you, and the minimal risks to them. Our Roof lease agreement is 100% based on guidelines published by the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

NIE Approval

KES Solar then apply for the relevant NIE grid connection, either G83 or G59 depending on system size. When all approvals have been obtained we then proceed to the installation process. This depending on site situation should take between one to two days.

Installation & Commissioning

Our professional install team will carry out the installation to MCS requirements and will also issue an NIC EIC certificate for all electrical work carried out. The installation process will take place with minimal disruption to the day-to-day workings of your business.

Upon commissioning of your Free Solar System, your new Free Solar electricity supply will provide the FREE power, saving you money and reducing your Carbon footprint for the next 20 years!

Note: A 12kWp Solar PV System will weigh approximately 2,200 kg distributed over an area of some 335m2. For large roof mounted installations, a member of our survey team will carry out a structural assessment to ensure that all additional imposed loadings can be supported.